F7700/F3700 Highest precision UV inkjet flat-bed printer


GROUP: Industrial UV Inkjet


Telephone: (66-2) 832-3497
Fax: (66-2) 832-3499

JHF F7700/F3700 is an industrial wide-format flat-bed UV inkjet printer, designed for high quality wide format printing, widely applied to various sheet medium.
Meanwhile, UV ink has no VOC and is environment -friendly .
JHF F7700/F3700 is dedicated to achieve high accuracy, high stability, and high cost-efficiency. 

JHF F7700/F3700 is equiped with the leading two-sided printing system, intelligent control functions on demand, high-efficiency reciprocating printing. it presents your eye catching achivements at indoor, outdoor, decoration, sign and display, and POP & POS application.

By taking advantage of 600dpi physical resolution, high speed industrial printhead 
     make sure printing output more outstanding with 1800dpi printing resolution.
By use of high precision,mute linear guide rail, you will enjoy the quiet and 
     wonderful printing process.
6 independent controlled vacuum areas, make sure the suction power strength, 
     and switch suction areas freely according to printing size, reduce energy 
The double direction movement adopts high-precision metal raster, high-performance 
    AC motor with high-precision close-loop control technology, which ensure 
    stepping precision perfectly.
Double switch induction anti-collision technology makes the protection of both machine 
    and operation. 
High precision electric negative pressure system reduces the compressed air 
    consumption more than 90% to inhance the air compressor’s life effectively.
Introduction of industrial PLC control module guarantee stepping movement stabily.
High precision automatic lifting systems ensures a uniform print quality, and avoids 
    manual operation mistakes.
The solution of top quality towline reduces the motor cable fault to none.
The world's premium UV lamp curing solution makes UV curing perfect and completely.
Adopting advanced and patented energy-saving Y-direction synchronization technology 
    ensure Y-direction movement accuracy and energy-saving.
Special control technology of second ink tank avoids the ink leakage after sudden 



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